Paper Arrows

Over the course of five records and numerous live shows, a large group of talented musicians has contributed to the songs that are Paper Arrows. 

Darren Garvey made the mistake of wandering upstairs from his apartment into the attic in which the first Paper Arrows sessions were taking place.  This act of chance led to him playing (among other instruments) drums, organ, banjo, guitar, glockenspiel, and piano across all five records.  He has also acted as an arranger, de facto producer (first four records), and de jure producer on Good News for Love. Darren is a widely respected and successful solo artist, composer, session musician, and producer. Check out his work HERE.

Jay Marino thought he was just recording a couple of acoustic songs, but in fact he wound up working on all five Paper Arrows records, producing and engineering the first four, and mixing Good News for Love. He also contributed bass, mandolin, guitar, and background vocals.  Jay is a partner in I.V. Lab Studios at Various Things Live.  

Other contributors to recordings include:

Drew Scalercio, who played keys on Things We Would Rather Lose and In the Morning.
Anthony Burton, who played bass on Til I Couldn't Cry.
The Cosmic Unity Horns, who played on Things We Would Rather Lose.
Brian Wilkie, who played pedal steel on Dry.
Luke Schmitt, who played keys on Days of Getting of Getting By.
Daniel McMahon, who played guitar, piano, and organ on Good News for Love.  Dan owns the studio The Midwest Sound, a fantastic place to make noise, and is also an accomplished composer and producer.  
Miles Nielsen, who played bass on Good News for Love.  Miles fronts his fantastic band Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts.  They are great.  Listen to them.

Live contributors have included:

Brian Aiken on bass;
Andy Lempera on drums;
Michael Sommer on drums; and
Cory Healy on drums.

You know what that is? An embarrassment of riches and the sound of Paper Arrows.