Paper Arrows

 Good News for Love

 Released: October 22, 2013, Quell Records

 Personnel: Joe Goodkin: vox, guitar; Darren Garvey: drums, organ,
 banjo, keys, vox; Daniel McMahon: lead guitar, piano, organ, vox;
 Miles Nielsen: bass, vox

 Produced by Darren Garvey
 Engineered by Daniel McMahon with assistance from Zach Staas;
 additional engineering by Darren Garvey; Recorded at The Midwest
 Sound, Rockford, IL, with additional tracking at VTL, Chicago,
 IL; Mixed by Jay Marino at I.V. Lab Studios, Chicago, IL

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Track list (click for lyrics)
1. Why We Work
2. Sing It Out (explicit)
3. What Changed
4. Wrap Your Arms Around
5. The Counting Song
6. Close
7. Sing It Out (Radio Edit)




Why We Work
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Now the dust has settled and the light is in the western sky
And time is slowly creeping 'round the corners of our quiet eyes
And faintly in the distance someone's calling out in hopeful song
That all will be forgiven when the shadows fade into the dawn

This ship won't right itself
This ship won't right itself
This ship won't right itself
That's why we work

And the winter's coming to the city by the lonely lake
To cover up our autumn fears and wrap us in a silver haze
The streets are quiet as we walk into an empty room
That used to hold our secrets when all that I could breathe was you

This ship won't right itself
This ship won't right itself
This ship won't right itself
That's why we work

Don't you be afraid of following the broken way
Get back to a place love is waiting

This ship won't right itself
This ship won't right itself
This ship won't right itself
That's why we work

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Sing It Out
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Words beneath the skin like buckshot
Sinking deeper in 'cause they're not
Ready to being, ready to come out in the light
"This is for me and you and him and her"
All the voices whisper
Shout into the dark from every mouth on every face
Of everybody without grace

Sing it out sing it out
Sing it loud sing it loud
If you fail if you fall sing it out
Sing it out for love

I'm not scared to sing this song 
To close my eyes and soldier on
Until all of this sh*t is gone except the pale bones
And if I go before my time
In simple chords and simpler rhymes
I'll leave an open code behind to tell you who I was


The waters rise in empty streets
The buildings fall we can't believe
How silence fills an empty heart until it cannot beat
I will light a light for you
And pull you close and see you through
And fight until I'm black and blue


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What Changed
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Laugh in the night and out the front door
Sing in your sleep and let the song soar
In the name of love and faith and all the things you couldn't see
But sang before
In the hope that they'd appear

Anything you do
I won't fade into the blue
I'm going back to the start with the same words
And some old melodies so what changed?
It must be me and you

Dream in the day and let the dream stay
Love in the light and let the love fight
Until it bleeds and fades and then you lift it up again
And make it right
And live your life for something more


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Wrap Your Arms Around
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He was working on a novel and sleeping in the days
With a cigarette companion, going page by page
But somewhere in the years he got out of the game

She was dreaming of a painting and working in the days
Looking out the window and bleeding blues for grays
But somewhere in the years she got out of the game

What are you going to wrap your arms around?
Who is going to hold you safe and sound?
Who is going to keep your heart from sinking in the dark?
You're not alone

He was grieving in the morning and leaving in the days
Singing 'til he whispered and nothing was the same
And somehow it was clear so he got out of the game


He was hoping for a daughter and praying for a son
But love is not an answer or a battle to be won
And somehow in the tears he got back in the game


Good news for love
Good news for love
Good news for love

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The Counting Song
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There's a candle I light
And hold as the flame burns bright
And pray that it lasts through the night and on and on
And wonder what has been saved
What survives and what fades
All the songs left to be played and on and on

I'm still counting...
One for sorrow
Two for tomorrow
Three for the show
Darling leave the light on for me I promise I'll be home

As the days drift away
And the blues become grays
Regret is a cage that goes on and on
So look for the sun and know that I'm the one
Who will fight 'til it's done and on and on


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Go into the darkness and burn your little light
The children need a flame to get them through the night
Someone to bring the ice when fever dreams ignite
And voice to sing to them 'til morning birds alight

The time will come when it is done
The time will come to let go
And love will shine on your worried eyes
And in the end I'll be close

Go and get a hammer and build a little room
The children need a place to hide them from the moon
Four walls to shelter them when midnight monsters boom
And noice to comfort them when love is out of tune


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