Paper Arrows

 Days of Getting By

 Released: September 25, 2012, rereleased March 26, 2013, Quell

 Personnel: Joe Goodkin: vox, guitar; Jay Marino: bass, vox; 
 Darren Garvey: drums, organ, keys, vox, guitar;
 Luke Schmitt: keys, vox

 Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Jay Marino with assistance from
 Shane Hendrickson
 Recorded at I.V. Lab Studios, Chicago, IL

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Track list (click for lyrics)
1. Tell the Kids
2. Light Out
3. Love Goes On
4. Only One
5. The Book of Love
6. Days of Getting By
7. Just Another Man





Tell the Kids
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In the end 
Everyone loses everyone
Our castles come undone
My dear friend 
Before our glass returns to sand
Let's get out while we can

So go and tell the kids
Explain it all to the kids
He'll stay with me
She'll be with you
Just go and tell the kids

When you're done
Kill the lights and lock the door
This palace is no more
My sweetest one
We didn't go without a fight
We tried to make it right


After all
A song still needs a voice to sing
A kingdom needs a king
In the fall
Remember me for who I was
When you believed in love


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Light Out
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Maybe love is just as strong as we let ourselves believe
And in the days it fades away and leaves us on our knees
So upon the setting sun we lay our hopes to keep
That in the silence we'll be healed while we sleep

Turn the light out on me now

In the dark we built an ark to carry us to land
We gathered all our things around and made one final plan
And in this dream I let you go, the end was drawing near
I was left knee deep in the water and I was trying to catch your tears 
Turn the light out on me now
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Love Goes On 
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Walking the same road
In these worn down shoes
Singing these worn down blues
Again and again

Waiting for sunlight
In a darkened place
With a belly full of broken grace
And remedy spent

Lines are drawn
From night to dawn
And in between
Love goes on

Digging the same hole
With a heavy heart
Trying no to fall apart
In front of the kids

Leaving the light on
As the darkness crawls
From the window to the pale walls
Of the heartache we hid

Lines are drawn
From night to dawn
And in between
Love goes on and on

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Only One
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She's out on the water
Wondering where he went
And if he's coming back again
And why she never left

But I am not a drinker
And you are not the one
Who walked away from what was made
Who turned your back on love

I am the only one
I am the only one for you

He's out on the wire
Wondering when he fell
And how he wasted what you gave
If he knew he'll never tell

And I am just a dreamer
But you are not a dream
Skin and bone and sky and sun
And everything in between

I am the only one
I am the only one for you 
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Days of Getting By 
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The ice is leaving
And what remains behind
This winter armor wrapped around a heartbeat
A pair of lowered eyes

The price of grieving
Is what remains ahead
This summer shame is thick as smoke
And hangs about our heads

Take me
Love is seeing
What stays in the dark
Is autumn's breath and midnight's blood
A sea of silent hearts

Love is needing
To stay in the light
And wait for spring like we used to sing
In the days of getting by

Take me 

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Just Another Man 
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I want it to work
I want it to last
I want to find out what happens next
But I don't want to go too fast

I want to hear your voice
I want to touch your skin
I want to hold you heart in my hands
But I don't want to let love in

Because I found
Staying underground
Is easier than facing the day
I hope you understand
I'm just another man
Just another man

I want to feel the prayers
I want to see the light 
I want to know where we go in the dark
But I don't want to put in the fight


I want to fill up the sky
Sing into the blue
I want silver and gold in my soul
But I don't want to tell the truth